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Cassettes Fixing

SOLIDAL® T3® (3mm) & T4® (4mm) Solid Aluminium Cassette is a cost effective
solution that is pre-fabricated in a factory environment according to clients
requirements. Delivered directly to site ready for installation or to clients factory
for inspection prior to the install process.

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SOLIDAL® Panels with pre-edge slot are designed for Tongue and Groove patented installation System. The German awarded Smartfix® System is ideal for new or recladding, due to it’s narrow cladding zone and ease of installation. A wide range of colours and shades can be obtained on the surface of aluminium profiles through the process of electrocolouring. Other available Finish Options are Powder Coating and Untreated Profiles (Mill Finish).

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Smartfix Captive Corner details-1_edited

SOLIDAL® T3® (3mm)  Captive fixing system (patented) has been developed to introduce a more efficient way of creating a facade free of exposed fixings and sealants. Eliminating labour intensive pre-fabrication of the SOLIDAL® materials makes SOLIDAL® Captive System a system of choice for installation contractors, whilst meeting clients budgets.

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Face Fixing allows SOLIDAL® T3® (3mm) and T4® (4mm) Solid Aluminium to be installed in a few easy steps using rivets. The use of proper Thermal Insulation Panels and Weather Membrane is required.

Contact SOLIDAL® or your rivet manufacturer for information on color matching and for general guidelines and recommendations.

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Fabrication process is completed in the shop environment under strict quality control procedures what results in a higher quality standard compared to field assembled systems. Modules are generally constructed one story tall and one module wide but may incorporate multiple modules. The size of the SOLIDAL® Curtain Wall Unit is dictated by the maximum available Panel dimensions, floor to floor height and sensible dimensions for transportation and installation.

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SOLIDAL_ VentilatedSystem_VJ.jpg

SOLIDAL® T3® (3mm) and T4® (4mm) Ventilated System comprises of an outer cladding separated from the load bearing structure by ventilated air cavity that promotes drying, interrupts the capillary action and allows water or condensed moisture within the wall assembly to escape down the cavity and then outside, making external wall insulation used in this way superior in performance.

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