Captive Extrusion (Smarfix®)


Suitable for application on both existing and new constructions

SOLIDAL® T3® (3mm)  Captive fixing system (patented) has been developed to introduce a more efficient way of creating a facade free of exposed fixings and sealants. Eliminating labour intensive pre-fabrication of the SOLIDAL® materials makes SOLIDAL® Captive System a system of choice for installation contractors, whilst meeting clients budgets.


SOLIDAL® T3® (3mm) Panels require only a simple square cut before installation, when using the Captive System. Ideal for fast and easy installations, for new or recladding, due to it’s narrow cladding zone and ease of installation. Supplied in Natural Anodised as standard. A wide range of colours and shades can be obtained on the surface of aluminium profiles through the process of electrocolouring. Other available Finish Options are Powder Coating and Untreated Profiles (Mill Finish).

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SOLIDAL® smartfix® Captive Extrusion
SOLIDAL® Fabrication Brochure
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