Cassette Fixing


Suitable for application on both existing and new constructions

SOLIDAL® T3® (3mm) and T4® (4mm)  Solid Aluminium Cassette is a cost effective solution that is pre-fabricated in a factory environment according to clients requirements. Delivered directly to site ready for installation or to clients factory for inspection prior to the install process. 


A large variety of designs can be achieved with SOLIDAL® pre-fabricated Cassette modules. For large SOLIDAL® cassette modules, the combination of supporting stiffeners and internal angles are fixed to back of SOLIDAL® sheet, and either spot welded or fixed with structural adhesives, to ensure strength of module and flatness is maintained. The use of additional supporting angles,  stiffeners is dependent on size of SOLIDAL® modules.


Calculations are completed on a project by project basis, so the SOLIDAL® Cassette modules are not over or under engineered for the required application.

Contact SOLIDAL® for general guidelines and recommendations.

NOTE: stiffeners spans are determined based on cassette size and can be fixed to cassette back with tac welds or using 3M Tape or structural adhesive.

Only SOLIDAL® T3® (3mm) can be folded without V-routing. Sharp edges require routing on both SOLIDAL® T3® and T4®.

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