Helping Re-build Façade Confidence.

SOLIDAL® offer specialist integrated façade design and consultancy services across a broad range of sectors.

Projects that span across all categories of the built and infrastructure environments, from education to health, civil, regeneration and recladding.


Our services include façade design, shop drawing design co-ordination, production drawings, metal fabrication, all the way through to façade product delivery programming, to maintain clients target construction program. Supporting projects across all continents.

Joshua Turco, General Manager


Australia is the largest producer of bauxite in the world, with 74.9 million tonnes produced in 2011.

Bauxite is the principal ore of Aluminium. Watermark® are proud members of the Australian Bauxite Mining, and support local mining wherever possible. 


Watermark® is an Australian company focused on premium rolled and sheet aluminium products under the brand SOLIDAL®, mechanical properties and coating materials have been especially designed to meet the needs of facade cladding for the architectural and engineering industries.


SOLIDAL® is supplied pre-painted semi-finished in strip or panel form which have been optionally coil-coated with high-quality PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride) or Wet Spray PVDF, Anodise and Powder Coated finishes. Stock lot of rolled SOLIDAL® aluminium to express custom batch coatings for custom projects, allows for greater efficiency and transparency to meet tight building programs.

Meet The Team

SOLIDAL® is a product of Watermark International, a proud Australian owned and operated company of 20 Years, with offices in Australia, South East Asia and Europe.

Our team provides façade design consultation, manufacturing and fabrication for all spectrums of the built environment. Each project is appointed a senior designer from commencement of project to completion.  

“ Whatever your vision
SOLIDAL’S experienced design team, will assist in the creative process, ensuring a balance of aesthetics and practicality is maintained with 
superior materials ”.

David Varecka, Architectural Engineer

Fiorella Licetti, Architect

Frank Li, Engineer

Aritz Sasiain, Architect

Cecilia Ines Rey Romero, Architect

Barbara Pfeifer, Architect
Brazil Sales Manager

SOLIDAL® Factory Service

Alloys, mechanical properties and coating materials have been especially designed and formulated to meet the needs of façade cladding. Modern fabrication lines and innovative technology ensures flawless results.

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