SOLIDAL® Shallow Cassette Cladding System

  • pre-finished tray cassette with pre-fitted staggered aluminium cleats (standard)

  • pre-finished tray cassette with pre-fitted full length/width aluminium angle extrusions (optional)

  • standard fold: 20mm

  • stiffeners on the inside of the cassette ensure flat face of large scale cassettes (all cassettes wider/longer than 600mm require stiffeners)

  • stiffeners options: standard stiffenrers tack welded or SHS/RHS fixed to panel back with structural adhesive

  • folded corner options: rounded corners or sharp corners. 1.2 to 1.8mm V-groove on the back of the panel, allows semi-sharp to sharp corner

  • SOLIDAL® Cassette can be fabricated as External or Internal Corner Module with square or any other angle required.

  • Installation principle of Corner and custom shape Modules is same as Installation of Standard Cassette

Applying your Creativity

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Technical Information

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