SOLIDAL® Perforated® and Laser cut 

T3® 3mm & T4® 4mm


Standard and Customised options

SOLIDAL® offers an extensive range of pre-fabricated Solid Aluminium options including innovative surface treatments, perforations and artwork. SOLIDAL® Perforated and Artwork Fabrication allows designers and architects to create bespoke textured patterns, avoiding the one dimensional aesthetic of conventional cladding. Various Artwork Designs are achieved by creating contrast between shades and lights on SOLIDAL® Solid Aluminium. 

SOLIDAL® Standard Perforated options include 10, 20 and 40% perforated area.

Customised Patterns are available on request.

SOLIDAL® Perforated® can be installed using all conventional Installation Methods - Cassette Fixing, Face Fixing as well as German awarded Smartfix® System.

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Panel Thickness (mm)

Available Width (mm)

Available Length (mm)

Perforated Percentage



1500mm, 2000mm

up to 7000mm

10%, 20%, 40%



1500mm, 2000mm

up to 7000mm

10%, 20%, 40%

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