Ventilated System


Suitable for application on both existing and new constructions

 SOLIDAL® T3® (3mm) and T4® (4mm) Ventilated System comprises of an outer cladding separated from the load bearing structure by ventilated air cavity that promotes drying, interrupts the capillary action and allows water or condensed moisture within the wall assembly to escape down the cavity and then outside, making external wall insulation used in this way superior in performance. The amount and location of the vents has to be carefully calculated. Minimum of 25mm cavity is required, but the width of the cavity also depends on the necessary thickness of Thermal Insulation. Rainscreen System does not rely only on the performance of the outer face to keep the water and moisture outside and the use of proper Water Barrier is required. Non-porous surface makes SOLIDAL® T3® and T4® ideal material for Ventilated facade system.

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